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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Nasi Daging Berempah Arab ( Arabic spiced rice Meat )


Arabic rice taste with meat beef delicious recipe cook can use beef  or goat beef can use in recipe.
taste not a spicy but can feel the spiciness of spices.
food rice also eat with Curry Dalca
we cook for catering all days & u can get at 1cafe in town Kangar


1.  Rice
        2.  Buttercup
       3.  Olive Oil
        4.  Meat beef
  5.  Spices
         6.  Curry Leaf
                7.  Cinnamon bark
            8.  Banana Leaf
             9.  Coconut Milk

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pulut Manis ( Sweet Sticky Rice ) & Acar ( Kurma & Lemon Fruit ) Food Malaysia

Pulut Manis ( Sweet Sugar Cane Sticky Rice )

In Malays Traditional Food is a delicious food from sticky rice.That recipe from hereditary.
Pass along 100years ago the Malays traditional in village was working in paddy fields,two type of category rice & sticky rice they are planting for food traditional.The main dietary sources of malay villlagers around in Perlis,State at North Malaysia

1.Sticky Rice
2.Sugar Cane
3.Coconut Milk (Fresh )
4.White Sugar
5.Pandan Leaf

Acar Limau & Buah Kurma 
(Acar Lemon & Kurma Fruits)

The Food Acar is sweet sour some spicy a popular on Malaysia,Indian & Arabic people to eat everydays with white rice & Spice Rice,meat,lamb curry
A food popular as flavoring supplements for festivity wedding.

1)Lemon Fruit  2)Kurma  Fruit  3)Garllic  4)Spanish Onion  5)Olive Oil 6)Meat Spices   7)Vinegar     8)Sugar & Salt

Pulut Manis & Acar Lemon Kurma can get at any place in Malaysia
1Cafe is a produce food traditional serve a catering around in Perlis,State at North Malaysia.
This food can order at anytime for festivity. A popular food in Ramadhan month
Some pack & sale in around Perlis State & Brunei also popular received order every year. The Muslim Product & Halal. 
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or welcome directly at 1cafe catering Kangar,Perlis.